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We simplify running your home services business using digital makeovers.

Your Home Service Customers Are Demanding Digital Makeovers

Clients who request home services want speed, transparency, continual updates, and a seamless customer service experience. Three Reasons Your Home Service Business Needs a Digital Makeover (read more).


46% of your potential clients prefer to schedule appointments via email, an online platform, or a mobile app.


56% of your potential customers would rather message you (on a social media platform or website) than call you for customer service.


Nearly a quarter of your customers will ditch your company over a single poor customer service experience. That loss is huge considering the average customer acquisition cost for home services.

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The customer is now in control of your brand or organization’s reputation and revenue – and every interaction with every agent or employee could mean the gain, loss or loyalty of that customer. Ensure that your culture, technology, brand promise and employees are all aligned to support customer experience, success, service and satisfaction.

A Home Service Business Digital Makeover

go paperless

A home service professional digital makeover centers on a solidly defined and set up field service management (FSM) software. We then train service professionals to use the FSM software optimally. Next, we integrate the FSM software with other business information systems like websites, customer relationship management, and accounting.


  • Better estimate project costs on completion dates
  • Smoother and more responsive customer service
  • Less double work and data entry
  • More efficiently managed business
The continued migration of our lives from offline to online has the twin effects of (a) allowing more people to live further from city centers in larger households, and (b) pushing a digitally native generation to more seamlessly satisfy their demand for home services by migrating to online subscriptions and project fulfillment. The Economy of Everything Home Executive Summary for 2021

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What Can a Digital Makeover Do for Your Bottom Line?

Does your normal way of working have you staying up late drafting estimates, adjusting schedules, and drawing up contracts? We can help you digitize that, starting with a smart field service management software setup.

Our Services

FSM Software Setup & Training

Done-for-you FSM software setup. FSM Software is a tool. We make sure you max out its potential within your business.

Go Paperless

We end the need for data re-entry and the use of rampant copying and pasting. Re-entering data is a primary source of information inaccuracies. A side effect of manual input is losing sight of where the paper forms are located.

Systems Integration

We connect software to allow for information flow between systems when and where warranted to reduce the need for double or triple data entries while keeping mistakes minimum. This saves time and provides a more fluid experience for users and customers.

Digital transformation success will revolve around customer value creation and understanding the importance of improving processes before automating them.

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Our Digital Makeover Process



Your People, Culture & Tools. This is where our process starts. We get home services, but how are things run in your house? Together, we’ll establish an FSM feature list that’s ideal for your company.



No matter the size or age, your company has a ton of data. We use this data to establish KPIs and inform job completion times, project costs, and inventory needs.



Next, we build out and populate the FSM software with the data phase information. Customer and employee information is also added.



Your team is given a holistic understanding of how the FSM works and why the way they use it matters. We put the FSM to work in the field. The whole point of the FSM software is to save you time and help you make more money. Is it doing that? Here, we compare your initial KPIs from the Data phase with your post FSM software KPIs at months 1, 2, and 3. Alas, Data Is Served.

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What’s the FSM Payoff for Your Home Service Business?

Any business that works in field service knows the challenges that come with managing a whole team of technicians working multiple jobs at different locations every day. To keep back office staff, field technicians, and customers happy, it’s important to have tools that help businesses make good use of staff time and resources, share information needed to get jobs done quickly and keep customers up-to-date, and process payments and reports on the back end. 

But companies who know how to manage field service well see a big payoff as they minimize downtime or delays, optimize resource use, improve productivity, and deliver timely, satisfying results for customers.

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